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Discussing the Summer Update 2018 of Tibia

Discussing the Summer Update 2018 of Tibia

Posted time: Jul 18,2018

Game development team of Tibia warmly requests the Tibians, gamers of Tibia to provide their comments upon the news article that are indicated in the Thread Title. Tibians are to be felt free to provide their feedback on these issues and they can share their opinions with the Community Managers along with other players. 


Gamers are requested to interpret that the  posts as off-topic are to be normally deleted without any notice as these posts do not manage the news article that are indicated in the Title thread. The positive feedback is to be appreciated whilst insulting, disapproval or harmful comments are not to be accepted. According to the Community Managers, gamers are to keep providing their comments at the forum.


concerning the formal responses  


The official responses appeared on 03 July on the diverse issues. These were messages in warning, alterations in the Bestiary, login screen, the reset, faster re-spawn I or negative ETA. There were faster or rapid re-spawn II, key, comments, rapid re-spawn III, short comments, II, III, and IV.  However, all the things are still at I, II, III, IV or V.


On 04 July, all bug reports were forwarded. There were some answers. There was the information about the crashes of client and software renderer. There were also the zones that were being emphasized along with some answers. 


On July 05, it appeared how to reset the optimum damage dealt for the screenshot, and interesting points. The path of disobedience boss could only be slain on one occasion. The other appeared issues are harmless versus trivial, concealed scrolling, more answers, rudimentary arrows, ice islands, water buffalo, missing charming points or more answers.


On 06 July, there appeared the issue of kazordoon depot while investigating the missing charmed points along with more answers.  


On 09 July, gamers became able to find the comments about Bestiary, and more answers I. Charm points would be fixed next day. There were more answers II.


On July 12, there came out the issues on new frontier quest for shortcut, future raids, and more answers. Moreover, Oberon answer would be fixed.


On 13 July, many issues came out and gamer could be able to notice raid notifications, Linux system along with other answers.


On July 16, the issues were feedback forwarded comments about the diverse bosses and mechanics. There were more answers I, FPS dropping. There was to write a book contest of more answers II and statement about the alterations of Bestiary.  The issues on slaying falcon bosses Solo versus team and curing resistance in Bestiary also occurred.  BuyTibia Gold online now to find the early edge in the gameplay of Tibia.


about the extra information


There are the alterations in the “A Pirate’s Death to Me” raiding. The spectral scums are not to be figured out any more in the respective cities; however, there is outside of the gates of the cities.


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