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Why The 2 weapons is Important for Division 2 Nourishes

Why The 2 weapons is Important for Division 2 Nourishes

Posted time: Apr 10,2019

The 2 division completely nourished the 2 kinds of weapons I played. It is a bigger patch for The Division 2. Brought two Nerfs: the sniper rifle model 700 and the rifle Mk17 are getting worse. Do you know what you want to say about these two weapons? Leave us a message, we will keep updating to help you play the game.
About the rifle Mk17 - police version. This is a single-shot rifle with relatively high damage, a fast rate of fire and a 20-shot ammunition. This can hit the enemy at close range and midrange. It is great for exploring behind the cover.

The Sniper Rifle Model 700 has an incredibly high single shot, is slowly loaded and has 7 shots in the magazine. The rifle proved to be an ideal sniper and hit the head when the head hits - even if you just smashed the enemy and stumbled and got stuck.

Boost weapon

These two weapons can cause a lot of damage in the game and become part of the hot build that plagues the forum. The sniper should be cruelly powerful in PvP, and Nerf will still meet me as a PvE player. Massive wants to weaken the weapon to maintain balance. As far as I know, the 700 is pushing up. That is the highest value sniper rifle on the sniper rifle, far more than the right damage. I have tried lighter sniper rifles before, but they can't convince me. However, I only have a 700 level item level and would like to switch to an alternative later - I really like the 700. From the distance and safety cover, the enemy sniper and the gun servant left or the infantry at Spawnpunkt made me happy. Targeted to find and eliminate weaknesses, it feels great in group games.

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