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Epic Explains Siphon Will Remove from Fortnite All Regular Modes

Epic Explains Siphon Will Remove from Fortnite All Regular Modes

Posted time: Apr 28,2019

If you enter one of Fortnite's favorite death cities now, you'll find something... One of the most controversial changes Fortnite has made in the past year is to add "siphon" to the game. This is a mechanic who can get health, shields and materials during the killing to encourage more active games and discourage the turtle. Fortnite introduces it for all regular game modes. Then, the most controversial part of all of this is that the epic removes it from the regular pattern, causing the player to say that they should "restore" the changes back to the killing system. Currently, Fans will buy Fortnite Items with cheapest price , and when you play the arena, you will get more rewards here.

fortnite siphon

Why are professional players opposed to removing siphons from the game? This is also a place I am puzzled. The rogue training of the World Cup is forced to adopt a leisure mode, no longer like they are playing in the tournament, or sitting in the queue of the arena mode in the long game still has a siphon.

Now, Epic is talking about these changes for the first time. Despite the obvious protests of ordinary players and the obvious protests of ordinary players, it seems that the siphon will not return to the standard mode, because Epic does not believe that it is good overall, the leisure aspect of the game. Their health status in their statement:
• Siphon was originally only used in competitive mode, but using it in standard mode has too many consequences
• Although the top 10% of the most skilled players are involved in this change, the other 90% of the players are actively involved in the change.
• Those who play less think that these changes make the game “too intense and not pleasant” because it not only allows them to not only oppose high-tech players, but also to have more health, shields and materials. High-skilled players have more than they otherwise because of the presence of siphons.

In short, Fortnite players with giant loudspeakers regret the removal of the siphon. Today, Epic faces fierce competition from other games, from the still powerful PUBG to the newcomer Apex Legends, who definitely don't want to leave Fortnite to other games. I guess they saw a drop in the number of players in the standard mode after the siphon was in place, so they lost the siphon and the fact that they haven't returned to it, even if there are big players making decisions. Although many professionals are lamenting these changes, they will still exist in a competitive mode. If the epic can repair the queue time of the arena, then it may be to satisfy all the content they need.

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