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Fallout 76 Has a New Hotkey Issue: 10% Player Transaction Tax

Fallout 76 Has a New Hotkey Issue: 10% Player Transaction Tax

Posted time: May 09,2019

fallout 76_vending_system

According to relevant media reports, the Fallout 76 player vending system includes 10% tax to curb inflation, and the Fallout 76 Patch 9 release update introduces a backpack that can be equipped to increase your carrying weight. The first backpack can be obtained by promotion to Possum's Pioneer Scouts level - will be offered during the upcoming buy fallout 76 caps process.

Ben Franklin once said that there is nothing in the world other than death and taxation. It turns out that the truth also applies to the wasteland of Radiation 76. Bethesda's latest update to online role-playing games eventually added a player vending system this week that allows wilderness wanderers to sell their wares to other players for FO76 bottle caps , the main currency form of the game. Bethesda imposes a 10% tax on the inflation in the economy generated by the user, and each sale between the two players in the vending system.

How those Fallout 76 microtransactions really work

On the one hand, the upper limit from this tax range has not actually been reinvested in the economy, and some participants are calling for funds to be used in the reconstruction of the Appalachian welfare state, including the public health system or a homeless rehabilitation service. Can help NPCs like Grahm and Moo Moo wander.

More opportunities for players are deploying advanced mathematics to ensure they get the required profit for each sale of taxes, while others avoid the merchant system directly with the deal directly with the player without the middleman (Bethesda), and Avoid full taxation. To be fair, the Fallout 76 has always had a long-standing inflation problem, and players have more money than they know how to handle it. This was only a matter of time before the outbreak of a full-scale civil war.


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