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Legendary Equipment Make Your Guild Wars 2 More a Sense of Accomplishment

Legendary Equipment Make Your Guild Wars 2 More a Sense of Accomplishment

Posted time: Jun 19,2014


In guild wars 2 games, legendary weapons and upgrade kit will be converted into account binding, let whole account all roles can enjoy the same honor without pay any gw2 gold, full of a sense of achievement let the player more unexpected humanistic care.

Legend weapons will be able to continue trading, until it is equipped, equipment is to be after account binding items, instead of binding role. Game makers said to make those changes in order to praise for more players. Collected to produce a legendary weapon or distillation equipment is a kind of achievement, should not be confined to a certain role. In order to better balance career building, the player can also share when playing with the new role to spend a lot of time before the legendary weapons obtained, which is the best return to love Guild Wars 2.

Make a legendary weapon must first seek the unique front weapon, of course you corresponding construction skills to meet the requirements. Then you need to prepare all kinds of ores, wood, senior trophies, and so on as well as plenty of gw2 gold. Although it's simple to describe, it is not easy to do in practice, the players not only to complete all kinds of copy, world war, explore various areas, they also need enough patience and some luck, these efforts are worth it. Because of the legendary weapon not only has the unique shape, special effects, and more is the symbol of identity.

Even more complex production needs avid players chasing the footsteps of legendary weapon, legendary accounts binding set adds momentum to the player's more, in the face of honor, everything is worth it.

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