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  • WoW is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. 

    As the hottest Online Game, WOW has gone through over 13 years and from 2004 till now, it has released six expansions, from the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, to the latest expansion, Legion. And its seventh expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is set to be released on August 14th, 2018.

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    The followings are brief introductions for the latest updates of World of Warcraft:

    [7.0]wow 7.0: Legion
    New Class: Demon Hunter, Leveling up to 110! Experience more dungeons, legacy raids, battlegrounds and challenges gameplay. No matter what kind of adventure you pursuit, your Legion journey will full of endless possibility! 

    [7.2]wow 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras
    The Tomb of Sargeras(patch 7.2) is a large patch which will incress a lot of content, including a new Raids, Continuation of the battle of the professional Hall and so on. You can experience the Return to Broken Beach, Corps Struck, Flying, New underground city(the night of the cathedral), PvP fighting and the new Artifact and Dungeon!

    [7.3]wow 7.3: Argus
    World of Warcraft 7.3 Update takes you to the Burning Legion and fight to the Legion homeworld of Argus.

    [8.0]wow8.0: Battle for Azeroth
    Battle for Azeroth is the upcoming seventh expansion for World of Warcraft announced at BlizzCon 2017. The new expansion will raise the level cap from 110 to 120 with new dungeons and raids. Other additions including the Kul Tiras and Zandalar continents, warfronts, uncharted islands, and three allied races for each the Alliance and the Horde.
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Some individuals are to be looking forward to finding the formal Classic server of Wow of Blizzard while others are to go back to pre-expansion packs that are not for everybody. There is no worry for those that bond with the existing servers. Conversely, Blizzard has detailed its seventh expansion pack for the MMO. It is named as Battle for Azeroth. To seize the upper hand in the very beginning of the gameplay of Wow, gamers can opt to buy cheap wow gold from professional online vendor.  

Gamers can find the expected new level cap of 120 in the expansion of Battle for Azeroth. There are to be Allied Races, Warfronts and new zones to discover including continents of Kul Tiras. There are the associates of the Alliance and Zandalar for winners of the Horde. The new playable Allied races incorporate the Highmountain Tauren, Zandalari Trolls, and Nightborne races on the Horde side. Lightforged Draenei and Dark Iron appearing with the Alliance are to be bonded directly into the campaign of the expansion. Players need to hire them. Now, gamer can guess as it is the Battle of Azeroth. Dwarves, and Void Elves appearing with the Alliance are to be bonded directly into the campaign of the expansion. Players need to hire them. Now, gamer can guess as it is the Battle of Azeroth. 

The Allied characters are to start appearing at the level of 20 with the option to fast track to level 110 of the new 120 Cap. Gamer can display Heritage armor while building around the histories of race of individual.  Warfronts come out as a new kind of gameplay reminiscent of RTS roots of Warcraft while making large-scale twenty-player co-operative PvE battles to occur. To command a segment of forces, the player is bound to occupy points to have resources. It is to expand their army and it is not to mention in destroying the rival captains. These incorporate the foundation building, resource accumulation and most of the RTS goodness. 

Players can select from the four complexities including normal, heroic, mythic, and PvP.  It is prior to spoiling in a 3v3 to achieve the much-required Azerite. Gamers can find ten new dungeons in this seventh expansion. Initially, these are to be divided by faction unless player arrives at the level of 120 while disclosing everything. These are displayed with an Aztec temple on Zuldazar, pirate-themed Tirigade Sound’s Freehold dungeon, and Atal’Dazar. To buy wow gold online gamers require visiting the nearest and professional online gaming vendor. While considering usual developments front, Blizzard is appending social aspects including integrated voice chat and wow communities. Based on the game director, Ion Hazzikostas, a seasoned adventurer can find a match in this expansion. 

Game developer considers a composition including the imagination of Westfall scales between 10 and 60. It is also to imagine Burning Steppes while scaling between 40 and 60. This expansion is to be headed to the Public Test Realm within a few weeks. 



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