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The compensation for delayed orders

The compensation for delayed orders is only available for World of Warcraft gold orders right now. IGXE will release the news as soon as other games are available for this rule.

What are rules of the compensation for delayed orders?
WoW Gold delay compensation
1. IGXE compensates 5% wow gold of your order when delivery time is between 5 hours and 24 hours.
2. IGXE compensates 10% wow gold of your order when delivery time is over 24 hours.
3. The delayed orders which are caused by igxe like out of stock can get the compensation. Moreover, the delayed orders will not be compesated when they are caused by incorrect information and game maintenance.

How does IGXE deliver the compensation gold?
IGXE will send the compensation wow gold to customer's in-game mail box. This process will take about one hour.

Note: Delivery time is from ST order status to Fini order status.

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